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tahir2007pkU5 Series firmware update [13.01.2020]
U5 Series firmware update [13.01.2020]
Quote:ATV7 firmware update content

1. Uninstall Netflix applications due to Netflix copyright issues.

2. Regulate Widevine DRM L1 to L3 down.

3. What's wrong with the game.

4. Fixed issue where wave cannot play DRM video.

5. U5PVR Slim / Deluxe mouse mode added. (U5Mini model is not supported by Air Mouse function support.)

If you are downloading an older version of the firmware, please check the device carefully before use.
If you download firmware that is different from your device, you may not be able to use it.
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I installed this update on U5PVR and DRM does not work. Why?
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