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SqwonkHow to guide Flash instructions Dinobot 4k with USB stick
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Flash instructions Dinobot 4k (and 4k+) with USB stick


Preparation for flashing new E2 firmware on Dinobot 4k and 4k+:

1) Freshly format a USB stick to FAT32 partition on your PC.
2) Download the “ file from your chosen image site.
3) Unzip the zip file and copy the unzipped folder "dinobot" with subfolder to the USB stick.
4) Turn off the box by the button on the rear.
5) Connect the USB stick to one of the two USB ports on the left side.
6) Turn on the box, "boot" will appear on the display first, when " menu " appears then press and hold the GREEN button on the remote control until the receiver display shows "updt".
7) The box now flashes the image from the USB stick to the microSD card or receivers flash if no TF card is inserted .
8) The flash process can be followed on the TV screen.


9) Then the box reboots and the initial E2 setup wizard appears.
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