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Nice MonkeyGetting Dual Boot including E2 to work again
I made the big mistake trying ATV8beta which caused me some problems including Media Center being absent.
So I went back just to find out my E2 option was gone. Setting for the MAC and enabling E2 I do get the boot menu with Blue and Red choices but E2 will not start up. The menu just flickers when pressing Blue and remains stuck on the Menu screen (display says E2).
Selecting Red it will boot Android normally.

How do i get E2 back to work? Read a lot but nothing works for me. Before doing the stupid ATV8beta upgrade E2 worked without installing it on an SD-Card, but that seems the way to go? How do I do that or how to get it back? Please a step by step instruction with links to any resources required.

Help will be appreciated a lot. I am not the only one struggling with this it seems.
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Learned that there multiple ways to install things for E2 outside the OS:
- Burning an image to an SD-CARD (none images found for U5 Mini deluxe, just for other models) using win32diskimager under windows on a PC. The card is next inserted back into the player.
  This should result in E2 to be run from that SD-Card!
- Doing an update via a script installed on an USB stick or SD-Card. This script is run when the (Green) button is pressed during the Google Menu boot-display choice for Android (Red) or E2 (Blue)  at boot time. The front display will show MENU then. UPDT is shown on the front display next.
   This procedure installs E2 to the internal flash memory. 

Tried method 2 once more with the " file". It was unzipped to a 2 GByte FAT32 formatted USB drive. Content and folder structure were left untouched as is. 
After disconnecting my Ethernet for the first time a pop-up window with the "ofgwrite Flashing Tool" appeared on my TV screen. It showed the flashing progress and the final success after completion. 
With this the next boot with Blue button pressed resulted in the start of OpenATV 6.2 as it should. 

I hope this is useful for others here. 
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