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tahir2007pkU5PVR Android FW 03/05/2019
U5 Firmware Update [2019.03.05]
ENGLISH/U5 Firmware Update News2019.03.12 02:18


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2019.03.05 The date firmware was updated.
This update is for U5Mini users.
U5PVR Slim / U5PVR Deluxe users will be supported in the future.

ยท Update contents

The updated details are as follows.

1. New application of BT pairing routine application and stabilization of BT pairing.

The problem that Bluetooth pairing does not work well has been improved.

After the full version update, the product boots and displays a screen for pairing.

In this state, pressing the gear button under the U5 power button on the remote control will automatically pair up.

To check whether the pairing is normal, press the mouse button on the remote control.

Pressing the mouse button and moving the remote control to the left or right will move the mouse cursor along the normal pairing status.

If normal pairing is not available, you can go to the initial screen by pressing the Home button and you can resume Bluetooth pairing with the remote from the settings.
If you want to download the firmware of the previous version, please check the device carefully and download the firmware version.
If you download firmware other than your device, you may not be able to use the device.

# U5PVR Firmware download :
# U5Mini Firmware download :
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