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Hello to everyone. I am looking to buy a new receiver. Need your advice is dinobot dhe one to buy and if yes which you recommend me?
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Hi and Welcome to the forum.
I am currently testing both the Dinobot U5mini and the 4k+ . After years of single boot receivers I can honestly say that I prefer the dual-boot option that these dinobot receivers offer. I prefer the U5mini over the 4k+ at the moment due to a better build quality (The front panel fell off of the 4k+ in the shipping box which was a bad quality control issue and bad impression upon first opening the package).
I mainly use the Enigma2 boot option on the U5mini but have found it to be just as stable as any other enigma2 receiver and running the PurE2 firmware it's a brilliant little box. The remote control is somewhat difficult to fathom out at first but after getting used to it ,it is OK but could be better.
Using the Android boot option I have found that the limited number of google play services that function is slightly off putting but now that I have got my head around KODI and have found some decent repositories it is a great use for this little box.
I am still testing (week4) but quite happy to offer this personal experience so far.
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So if i go  for Dinobot u5 mini is not waste of money and will not regret.
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I find as stated in firast message and also that my 4k+ has buildquality issues such as facia plate falls off and wifi aerial is broken.
Just my advice though.
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